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Showroom trademart Utrecht

Jaarbeursplein (cash&carry)

Second floor, stand  B215.  (free ticket) 

Open every monday from 10.00 am - 5 pm.


Catalogue & orders

For the latest lookbook, order-catalogue and wholesale pricelist, send an email to

Agent Belgie/Luxemburg

Greta Donné
Sint-Servaasstraat 59
3500 Hasselt

Agent Zwitserland (Schweiz)

Elizabeth Scheuble
email :
tel. +41 (0)792295942

Agent Frankrijk (France)

Julia Wijnja

Tel. +31-(0)6-11113663



Kazuri & more 

Julia Wijnja

Tel. +31-(0)6-11113663

Sietske Wijnja

Tel. +31(0)630565477
Email :